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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paranormal Bad Boy Blurb Fest - January 21

Who doesn't love a paranormal bad boy?  In Mortal Illusions, my vampire hero is leader of a coven that is very D/s (Dominant/submissive) oriented where they occasionally tie women down as a punishment and....  Well, they do some pretty evil Dom stuff to them.  And when the heroine fears she may be placed in the same position, things unfortunately go from bad to worse.

Broadway--New York City. Bright lights and hot nights.

Despite a nightly, on-stage seduction by her sultry, debonair costar, Claire Daniels doesn't believe vampires are real. Not at first. But her brother is dying and she is desperate enough to believe in anything that might save him. Armed with only her blood and innocence for barter, Claire enters into the dark, silken web of the vampire with the belief that she can seduce one of its most powerful and elusive leaders into helping her save Robert's life. Such illusions, however, will cost Claire far more than she ever bargained for.

Want to know more?
Mortal Illusions is available as an eBook at New Concepts Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
It has also recently been released in paperback.  If you're intrigued, please visit the Mortal Illusions page on my web site where you'll find excerpts, review snippets and buy links.


  1. Thanks for joining in the fun, Kathryn!

    Werescape Book 1: COUGAR (psychic werewolves)

    Consumed by their raw attraction, they misread what stalks them in the wilderness.


    Post-apocalyptic Earth: after alien invasion, AEI, 2064 AD, The Wild

    With her beloved Shifter mate two days in Oregon's ground, Sierra must choose to live or die. She has two options--join a Shifter clan by choosing a mate or live alone. Life is dangerous for a woman after the extraterrestrial invasion. Women choose protection in a group or are sold into slavery, even to the aliens. She opts for the protection of the clan, him.

    He's glorious. Empathetic. And resolved to mark her. He will not lose her. Jackal, the powerful right-hand Shifter of the clan's leader, her brother-in-law, is determined she will be taken care of properly as mates aren't easily come by. Especially in The Wild. But they just met, and she fights mating in her early stages of mourning. Honor-bound with a vow made over his brother's death bed to see her safe, he internally swears to win her love. Whatever it takes.

    But she harbors a dangerous secret. Born a Cougar, she dares not risk revealing she's a Shifter, or bounty hunters will descend upon the remote mountain village to capture her for extraterrestrials. Villagers would die in the attacks. However, her Cougar rises up to claim Jackal for its mate. Shifter meets Cougar. Cougar claims her mate. Never-ending fireworks mark their raw attraction. But when the post-apocalyptic world is determined to tear them apart, will Normals, Shifters, or aliens win? Bet your money on COUGAR.

    Werescape Book 1
    Author: Skhye Moncrief
    Rating: Carnal/Spicy
    Genre: paranormal/futuristic romance
    Mid-length novel

    ***Warning: Heroine mates with hero in his Wolfskin.

    Nominated 2011 Best Erotic Paranormal Shifter Romance at The Romance Reviews

    READ CH. 1 at

    Read more SMOKING excerpts at


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    at ARE

    Post a blurb/buy link for your Paranormal Bad Boy at my blog...

  2. Hi, Kathryn! I LOVE the cover for Mortal Illusions.

    Here's the bad boy I'm crushing on right now.


    Blurb: Katherine has had a hard time finding work, mostly because she’s a vampire. Turns out, people aren’t clamoring to work with the undead. She goes to the massive theme park, Notte Oscura, as a last resort. What Katherine doesn’t realize is, there’s a lot more waiting for her than just a job.
    Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
    Length: Mid-novel

    Purchase link:

    You can post blurbs on my blog as well at:

    Thank you!

  3. Werescape 3: BEAUTY & THE BRUTE
    In a world where ride or die becomes your only hope for a future, sometimes you find you never really lived until you're running for your life.

    Post-apocalyptic Earth, after alien invasion, AEI, 2065 A.D., The Conquered

    Fight or die is the way of the world AEI.

    Shoot first and ask questions later becomes Lady Lorelei's reality when overhearing her adopted warlord father's plan of placating the aliens in saving his little slice of The Conquered. A plan where she is given to the aliens. Betrayed by the unthinkable sentence, she bolts for her life. Without any weapons, food, or survival skills suited for life outside the warlord's mansion, her journey only proves post-apocalyptic Earth desperately needs one thing--women. Breeders. Whores. The hottest commodity on the planet.

    Wandering Shifter Brutus, a powerful loner renowned for his hatred of Normals, is the only thing capable of securing her idea of freedom. But he has no patience for females and their wiles. Only a handful of Shifter females are known to exist. The rest are Gods-be-damned Normals--a pack of animals that would feed upon their young to profit. But when Lorelei achieves the impossible and escapes the warlord's city, Brutus can't refuse the one thing forcing him to pull her up behind him on the saddle and head deep into The Wild. His inner Wolf intends to mate her. But mating a Normal isn't on his priority list.

    More than Brutus' Wolf is chasing Beauty's tail. Neither expects the dark cloud lurking on the horizon. In a world where ride or die becomes your only hope for a future, sometimes you find you never really lived until you're running for your life. Life changes in a heartbeat AEI because nature has a funny way of righting her status quo. Even if that feat requires digging into the chasm, to the animal buried inside Lorelei and Brutus, to trigger the Mating Fever between BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE.

    Length: Mid-Novel, 64K words, 275 pages (print length)
    Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
    Rating: Erotica
    ***Warning: Heroine has sex with hero in his Wolfskin.
    Read 1st Chapter

    Additional excerpt

    "In the third book of the Werescape series, Moncrief delves into the hidden agenda of the aliens. ...a vivid picture of a love that grows in spite of everything that tries to destroy it. This book is filled with lots of action and sex hot enough to melt its pages. What does the future hold for the Werescape?" 4.5 stars ~Candy,

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  4. Thank you, Kathryn!

    Amazon Chronicles 2: Jungle Fire

    The leader of a Pride of werepumas must win his lady’s love, or she could be taken from him forever.

    In the Amazon Rainforest, traditions are important. They’ve long lead to survival for the Amazon warrior women.

    Kyle Reynolds, ruler of the werepumas, is ready to fly in the face of those treasured customs for the love of Rubia Costa who will soon be out of his grasp if he can't win her affection before allies of the Amazons steal her away from him forever.

    Read an Excerpt:

    Changeling Press:

    All Romance eBooks:

    Sarah Mäkelä


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