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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Guest Author - Ines Johnson discusses how to use "AIDA" to sell your books @ineswrites

Ines Johnson is on the guest couch today to discuss how to use the steps of the advertising formula AIDA to craft a book trailer. AIDA is a four step process that focuses on getting the viewers attention, holding their interest, playing on their desire, and finally telling them to act.  So, grab your favorite beverage and join us on the couch.  We're being very casual today.

Book trailers are visual depictions of a book’s storyline, sometimes made by fans, which are a great way to get readers enthused. But have you ever considered making a book commercial?

The purpose of a commercial advertisement is to persuade a potential buyer, or in an author’s case a reader, to purchase their product. Writing a commercial is a simple four step process known as AIDA.

Start by grabbing the audience’s ATTENTION with a startling statement and a provocative image. For my book commercial, I showed this image, while a male narrator said, “Women, are you tired of being responsible for your own orgasm?”

Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Did that get your attention? Other ways of gaining the audience’s attention is to use humor, introduce a conflict, or use sound effects.

Next, you have to hold the audience’s INTEREST by giving them more information. Luckily, one of the most effective techniques for holding interest is one all fiction writers are familiar with: establishing conflict.

For my commercial, I went with, “Want a man who knows his way around a woman’s body? Then hire a Pleasure Hound.”

Image Credit: Yocla Designs & Shutterstock

Other techniques of holding interest are to use anecdotes, testimonials, statistics, or examples.

Now comes the tricky part: playing on the audience’s DESIRES. There are three types of desires: intellectual, moral, and emotional. As authors we most prevalently care about our reader’s emotional desires like love, belonging, and success.

For my commercial, I played on the desire of love and pleasure. My narrator makes some promises to women seeking out this product. “Our hounds are highly trained in the art of the elusive female orgasm. Using ancient techniques and rituals, a hound will bring you to heights of pleasure you’ve only dreamed about.”

Image Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
 Pinpoint a plot point or theme of your story with a great emotional impact. Target the way your readers think, behave, and make decisions. Playing on this will give them a reason to buy your book.

And finally, tell them what to do. Give them an ACTION, which of course would be to go buy your book! My book ad ends with my narrator telling readers to do just this. “To learn more about our services, pick up the book, The Pleasure Hound, out on sale December 9th. Hurry! Your climax is waiting for you.”

Image Credit: Yocla Designs & Shutterstock

Once you’ve got got the four steps of AIDA ready, you can start to storyboard your idea. A storyboard is a graphic depiction of what the audience will see and hear on the screen, using a series of panels much like a cartoon strip.

Most commercials are 30 - 60 seconds long. The rule of thumb in the media world is to use one frame for every five seconds of ad time. so plan to use 6-12 frames of the storyboard.


Now its your turn.
1.    Think up a way to get the audience’s Attention.
2.    How will you hold their Interest?
3.    What would motivate someone to do what you are requesting? Play to their desires.
4.    Now tell them what to do next in order to get what you’re “selling.” Make them Act.
5.    Storyboard your ad by selecting visuals to go with your AIDA steps.
6.    Put it all together using a video or image editor.
7.    Upload it to your social media outlets.

Stock Images

Below are a few places you can visit for royalty free stock images. I used Free Digital Photos.

Stock Music and Sound
I found free sound clips at Partners in Rhyme. You can try these other sites too.
     Brainy Betty

“Pleasure Hound” BOOK AD

What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when a monk falls for a young woman under his tutelage.

The Proposal

"I promise that the choice of mates will be yours," he continued. "And I hope..." He paused, uncertain, looking down at their joined hands.

Chanyn got the impression of Dain as a child asking for permission to have something he didn't think he deserved, but was desperate for it anyway.

"I hope," he began again, "that you will consider Khial and myself for a—"


Dain startled at her response, then he smiled. "Good. I had hoped..." He squeezed their hands together. "This is good."

Chanyn's heart thudded in her exposed chest. She was sure Dain could see it. He gazed into her eyes. Was this it? Was her first kiss going to happen now?

Dain rubbed his thumb back and forth over her hand. His eyes dipped to her lips. Chanyn parted them in invitation.

Dain brought his eyes back up to her face, his eyes widening more as he looked at the desire clearly written on Chanyn's face.

Dain disentangled their fingers and patted her knee. "This is really good news," he repeated and then rose. "I'll make the arrangements today." He walked over to the large desk that took up most of the room.

"Arrangements? For the marriage?"

He glanced up. "Oh no, no. Arrangements for your training."


"Of course. With a Pleasure Hound."

Chanyn looked on, dumbfounded. He talked of marriage and then was about to get her some kind of dog to train. "A dog would be lovely, I suppose."

Dain laughed. "A Pleasure Hound is a man trained in the art of pleasing a woman." He said it as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

Chanyn shook her head. "I still don't understand. Why would I need another man to..." To what exactly? Have sex with her?

Dain came back around from the desk and sat next to her once more. He reached for her hand.

"Chanyn," he began. His face now sheepish. "I've never... been with a woman before. I wouldn't know the first thing to do to please you."

"But shouldn't we, you know, figure that out together?"

Dain looked scandalized. He reeled back from her. "I would likely hurt you. A Pleasure Hound is trained to find out what pleases individual women. Then they teach the woman's bonded mates those particular techniques. It’s an ancient tradition going back hundreds of years."

Chanyn still looked dubious.

"In our culture women rule. When we are bonded, everything that I have will essentially be yours."

Chanyn knew that in the twentieth century women fought for and earned a place in the government and the right to own many forms of business. But she hadn't a clue that the roles of men and women had shifted so completely on its axis in the past thousand years.


When Chanyn encounters the dashing Lord Dain, with his kind eyes and pure heart, she believes her dreams of love are finally coming true, until she meets with the roadblock that is her betrothed’s bondmate.

Khial can’t help but resent the young woman who comes into his love story to play the hero, but marriage to her may be the only way to save the man he loves.

A young monk is called upon to train Chanyn, Khial and Dain in the orgasmic arts. But what starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for Chanyn, and hers for his.

Amazon Purchase Link:

ISBN: 9780990922827 AISN: B00OYU2CYO

About the Author:

Ines writes books for strong women who suck at love. If you rocked out to the twisted triangle of Jem, Jericha, and Rio as a girl; if you were slayed by vampires with souls alongside Buffy; if you need your scandalous fix from Olivia Pope each week, then you’ll love her books!
Aside from being a writer, professional reader, and teacher, Ines is a very bad Buddhist. She sits in sangha each week, and while others are meditating and getting their zen on, she’s contemplating how to use the teachings to strengthen her plots and character motivations.

Ines lives outside Washington, DC with her two little sidekicks who are growing up way too fast.

Social Links:
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23480179-the-pleasure-hound?from_search=true
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ineswrites
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ineswrites
Website: https://inesjohnson.wordpress.com/
Publisher: http://heartspell.com/

Monday, November 24, 2014

Guest Post - Royal Regard by Mariana Gabrielle @mchristieauthor #RegencyRomance

Today, Mari Christie, writing as Mariana Gabrielle, has dropped by to discuss her newest release, Royal Regard, an erotic Regency Romance, scheduled to be published on November 30, 2014.  She's also running two giveaways, but you have to be quick.  They end on November 27, 2014.


After fifteen years roaming the globe, the Countess of Huntleigh returns to England with her dying husband. She soon finds herself plagued by terrible troubles: a new title, estate, and sizable fortune; marked attentions from the marriage mart; the long-awaited reunion with her loving family; and a growing friendship with King George IV.

Settling into her new life, this shy-but-not-timid, not-so-young lady faces society’s censure, the Earl’s decline, false friends with wicked agendas, and the singular sufferings of a world-wise wallflower. Guided by her well-meaning husband, subject to interference by a meddlesome monarch, she must now choose the dastardly rogue who says he loves her, the charming French devil with a silver tongue, or the quiet country life she has traveled the world to find.


Her home life was smoothing out: enough proper staff to manage the house and garden with minimal input from her; an adventurous cook who agreed to use Bella’s recipe box when designing Lord Huntleigh’s menus; workmen finishing one room after another, with less commotion every day; a set schedule for meals, paying and receiving occasional calls, and attending functions to represent Seventh Sea Shipping. Outside her compulsory engagements, though, Bella had seemingly endless free time, most of which she spent with Charlotte and the Marloughe children.
The only thing not falling easily into place in this new life was her marriage.
During the earliest years of their union, Bella had been tasked by her husband—and the King—to smooth the rough edges of a perpetual sailor, giving him the polish of a gentleman with ties to the nobility. The resultant shipboard lessons in genteel manners and proper deportment, and his support for her as she learned to speak up for herself and become more daring, had created an uncommon closeness between them.
As well as acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, close quarters on the frigate made for self-imposed intimacy, strengthened by the emotion of an oft-thwarted desire for an heir. They had never been in love, but had been true, equal partners in pursuit of their business and diplomatic success, and had shared equally the pain of the loss of many children.
“Shall I attend you during the gentleman’s call, my lady?”
“Of course,” Bella agreed. There was no way she would be caught alone with a man, even in her own home. It would cause Myron such pain for anyone to suspect her of wrongdoing. It might even contribute to the situation she found so difficult to understand: after years of such caring friendship, why her husband had drawn so far away.

Regency romance
Heat Rating

Buy/Review Links
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/485585
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Royal-Regard-Mariana-Gabrielle-ebook/dp/B00OM3VLCC
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/x/id931771765
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/royal-regard-mariana-gabrielle/1120614726
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/royal-regard
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22732470-royal-regard


Mariana Gabrielle is a pseudonym for Mari Christie, a mainstream historical and Regency romance writer. She is also a professional writer, editor, and graphic designer with twenty years' experience and a Bachelor's in Writing from the University of Colorado Denver, summa cum laude. She lives in Denver, Colorado with two kittens who have no respect at all for writing time.

Social Links 
Website: www.MarianaGabrielle.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MariChristieAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mchristieauthor
Wordpress blog: http://marichristie.wordpress.com/
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/marichristie/
Amazon Author Central: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005B3QQ6S
Goodreads Author page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5055425.Mari_Christie

Free e-book of Royal Regard in .epub or .mobi formats.  Visit:

Goodreads Giveaway: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/114451-royal-regard

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