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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ring in the New Year with these Amazing eBooks!

As we get closer, and closer to the New Year, a group of us thought we'd help fill out your New Year's reading list.  I have invited my friends to add their comments to this post with their eBook info.

For my part, I'll start with....
Mortal Illusions (A Contemporary Vampire Romance)

Broadway--New York City. Bright lights and hot nights.

Despite a nightly, on-stage seduction by her sultry, debonair costar, Claire Daniels didn't believe vampires were real. Not at first. But her brother was dying and she was willing to believe in anything that might save him. Armed with only her blood and innocence for barter, Claire entered into the dark, silken web of the vampire with the belief that she could seduce one of its most powerful and elusive leaders into helping her save her brother. Such illusions, however, would cost Claire far more than any mere mortal could fathom.

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Deadly Enchantment (Shape-shifting wizards)

Murder and Mayhem in Victorian England 

Serena Cunningham did not trust Dominic Westcroft.  She was almost certain he had brutally slaughtered her sister, his first wife, in a fit of jealous rage, and she was out to prove he was the cold-blooded killer she believed him to be.  All she needed was the opportunity.

Though found not guilty by the wizard’s council and a jury, Dominic Westcroft still didn’t know if the panther he shifted into at moments of stress or danger had been responsible for his wife’s brutal murder.  And until he knew for certain whether the beast that claimed a part of his essence was innocent of the crime, he had no intention of allowing another woman into his life.  No matter how deeply he was attracted to her.

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Really hope you enjoy them.


  1. Thanks for joining in on the sharing of e-books, Kathryn! Be certain to hop over to my blog and leave a blurb as well as visit all the other participating authors' blogs (in the comments).

    Grab my FREE BOOK Dec. 30-31!!! It's Book 1 out of the 3.

    So, are you into spicy time-travel fantasy romance loaded with kilts, Druids, fairies, changelings, King Arthur the shape-shifting dragon, freemasons, vampires, werewolves, and much much more...? Re-released and completely revamped my series is available on Kindle today! Each link has a blurb and an excerpt too. ;)

    A war wages among the Gods. Two Celtic time-travel orders from the future intermarry to safeguard history. Paradox is but a stolen heart away. Open the door to a new reality where legend becomes history and destined love defeats timeless evil.

    Book 1: SACRIFICIAL HEARTS (22K-word novella)

    "Intense, original, suspenseful, and dramatic... an unpredictable topsy-turvy romance... the suspense builds with every page in SACRIFICIAL HEARTS. In a world where symbols mean everything, magic is the way..." ~Snapdragon; LASR
    Book 2: SWORDSONG (novel)

    Book 3: HE OF THE FIERY SWORD (novel)

    "Arthur is a masterpiece..." HE OF THE FIERY SWORD's King Arthur ~Diane Mason; The Romance Studio

    Join in by posting a RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH AMAZING BOOKS blog post where we can exchange our book information too! My blog is also open for the fun!


    Post-apocalyptic Earth: after alien invasion, AEI, 2064 AD, The Wild
    With her beloved Shifter mate two days in Oregon's ground, Sierra must choose to live or die. She has two options--join a Shifter clan by choosing a mate or live alone. Life is dangerous for a woman after the extraterrestrial invasion. Women choose protection in a group or are sold into slavery, even to the aliens. She opts for the protection of the clan, him.

    He's glorious. Empathetic. And resolved to mark her. He will not lose her. Jackal, the powerful right-hand Shifter of the clan's leader, her brother-in-law, is determined she will be taken care of properly as mates aren't easily come by. Especially in The Wild. But they just met, and she fights mating in her early stages of mourning. Honor-bound with a vow made over his brother's death bed to see her safe, he internally swears to win her love. Whatever it takes.

    But she harbors a dangerous secret. Born a Cougar, she dares not risk revealing she's a Shifter, or bounty hunters will descend upon the remote mountain village to capture her for extraterrestrials. Villagers would die in the attacks. However, her Cougar rises up to claim Jackal for its mate. Shifter meets Cougar. Cougar claims her mate. Never-ending fireworks mark their raw attraction. But when the post-apocalyptic world is determined to tear them apart, will Normals, Shifters, or aliens win? Bet your money on COUGAR.

    ***Warning: Heroine mates with hero in his Wolfskin.


    Bring-'em-back-alive was Theone's job description back on Earth. Now off-world, beauty, sex appeal, brains, and lots of martial arts training make her the weapon of choice. She's heading into the deadliest compound of political prisoners in the universe on a last-ditch effort to liberate an alien king. She understands sex is merely a tool she can use to achieve her objective. And around every prison corner lurks some alien male with seduction on his mind. Friend or foe, cyborg or not, forbidden love or indescribable lust, the prison walls must come down as she submits to whatever it takes to survive the Blood Wars' FERAL FALLOUT.

    Length: Mid-Novel
    Genre: Futuristic/Paranormal Erotica (cyborgs, mercenaries, aliens, psychics, werewolves, vampires, space opera, and the kick-ass blonde who saves the day)
    Rating: Erotica. Multiple sex partners


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