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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday - Authors on Book Bloggers

During my daily troll through the internet, I came across an article by Chicklit Club Connect on Blog Power. The post is a collection of author interviews asking their opinion on Book Bloggers. Below is the beginning of her article:

How much influence do book bloggers wield from behind their laptops? Leah Eggleston Krygowski talks to authors about how the online critic has influenced the industry.

It seems as if everyone is blogging about something these days. People freely give their opinion on everything from where to have dinner, the best places to vacation, or the latest trends in fashion. Blogging has become the activity du jour for anyone wanting to be heard. And as the number of bloggers increases exponentially, so do the number of unsolicited opinions posted on the internet.

One area in which bloggers are voicing their very strong opinions is in the area of books. More and more bibliophiles are taking to the web with their reviews of the latest books from their favorite authors. While there may be no such thing as bad publicity, just how powerful are the voices of those who blog for a hobby? Can the online critic really drive book sales or are they just writing for their own pontification?

I spoke with several authors in an effort to learn their opinion, both good and bad, of those reviewing their books online. This is what they had to say about book bloggers.

To find out what the authors said, please visit Chicklit Club Connect and read Katherine's very informative article.

After I read each author's opinion, I couldn't help wondering what blog readers find interesting in a review.  As fellow reader, I like a brief synopsis of the plot that outlines the central question without revealing too much of the story, then I want the book blogger's opinion about what she read both stating what she liked as well as what she didn't like.  If I've read the book, I compare the blogger's thoughts with my own, and if I strongly agree, or disagree, I will often leave a message giving my perspective.  If I wrote the book, I try to see the review through the eyes of a reader rather than the author.

Opinions are a valuable resource for me, and I treasure them, even if the reader had issues with my plot or character motivations.  Such feedback can only help me become a better writer in the long run.  At least that is my hope.


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