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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A little Christmas Cheer - #Christmas #Trees #AdventCalendar2013

I'm doing a series this season on the Christmas Tree that takes readers through history from its humble origins to the large displays visible in public squares today.  I'm not going to republish them here, since they are visible with a click.  Though I'm placing two on my Naughty Blog, there is nothing "naughty" about them.  I just have more visitors on that blog than this one, so that's where I'm doing most of my posting.

They don't have to be read in order, but there is a basic flow to the posts.  The first one is on Ana's Advent Calendar where Anastasia Vitsky is offering daily posts and prizes to readers during the first 25 days of December.  There's even prizes for readers who sign-up and comment every day.  Lots of authors and lots of books ranging from sweet to scorching.

For a preview into the history of the Christmas Tree and more information about the month-long event, please visit Ana's Advent Calendar.

For a glimpse at the more well-known public tree displays, our personal tree from last year, and information about the traditional times for putting up and taking down the tree, please visit The Christmas Tree's Public Persona on my Naughty Blog.  Again, nothing naughty or risque about the post itself.

And, the Story Continues....

For a glimpse into the checkered history of the Christmas Tree from the Egyptians to the 20th Century, please visit The History of the Christmas Tree (or how we decided to bring the outdoors inside) on Ana's Advent Calendar.  It's a month long event, with lots of prizes and stories to warm the cockles of your heart (wherever they are).

Victorian Ladies in the Parlor
Then, for a close-up look into how Britain reluctantly took the Christmas Tree into their homes and America copied what the Royal Family did visit The Christmas Tree's Story in Britain and America on my Naughty blog.  Though again, there's nothing naughty about it.

Hope you enjoy the stories, and have a wonderful holiday season, no matter where you live or which faith you follow...

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